Project management

Project Management in Croatia

Construction project management starts at the moment when an investor shows interest in construction of a particular facility. The purpose of F&P Management as a project leader is to actively participate in the realization of such idea from the very beginning of the project.

The beginning of a project is most often seen as a need to find adequate land. We provide our investors with a thorough research of all the proposed lands in order to offer the best possible start of the project. Land will be considered adequate when an investor accepts one among other proposed lands. Such lands must be suitable for the construction of predetermined types of facility, have secured access routes, be relieved of pledge rights, have a superior infrastructure and location, and achieve market price. The following phases, characterized as the preconstruction and the construction phase, include finding and securing the choice of several carefully examined and analyzed companies in the fields of geodesy, architecture, law, construction, etc. In this phase, after designing the conceptual solution, we offer the option of making a business plan.

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A business plan will be made if the investor expresses the desire to find means of external financing (credit institutions) or simply wants to (re-)evaluate profitability of the investment. As project leaders, we are obliged to plan, communicate, organize and execute each step of these phases in the best practice model, thus providing the investor with maximum transparency in the work and maximizing the efficiency in carrying out the project tasks.

We are your support throughout the entire project and it is our responsibility to design the project according to your wishes and according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia.